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Create an inspiring workspace

Design your own space to enjoy work more than ever. Adding the right touch can help you stay more productive at work and decrease your stress levels. Create a mindful and dedicated workspace to increase focus.

Peach is back in style

Peach, so popular in the 1980s, is back in style! Enjoy the soft shades and breathe new life into your home! As a natural partner to light grey tones, it can add warmth and interest to a monochrome interior, as well as bringing something a little unexpected to the mix.

Find your zen

There’s nothing more inviting than a beautifully scented and calmly lit bathroom to help you relax. Manifest positive vibes in a soft, warm and cosy environment, whilst you relax and soak away the mental and physical stresses of your day.

Candle care

Safety is paramount! Enjoy candlelight without any worries and make sure you have them on a sturdy coaster, in a holder, or on a plateau away from curious hands. Another tip: do not place them near a heat source, or in the sun, and make sure that they are always at least 10 centimetres apart. This will guarantee you the best burn results.