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It’s not just a scent

It’s a pause button

Since 1870 we have enhanced magical moments for you, and future generations. We believe experiencing the magic created by the flame or fragrance in the comfort of your home leads to greater sense and connection and, in turn, a more meaningful life.

Knowledgable and passionate

Bolsius is a family-owned business with a rich heritage. Thanks to our powerful history and our passion for atmosphere, we stimulate your senses with the perfect flame and irresistible perfumes. Made with love for people and the planet. We do all this with more than 1000 employees, and together we ensure that our products are now available in more than 50 countries around the world.

Not just for your home

Bolsius candles aren’t just for the home, you will also find our candles outdoors. Many cafes, restaurants and hotels use our Professional product line for large-scale environments in the hospitality industry. This range is specially tailored to the specific requirements that professional users expect from our candles.

For churches and monasteries

Hoogeland-Kristen in Roermond is part of the Bolsius Group, and they specialise in the production and sale of products to churches and monasteries. Our range includes altar and church candles, sacrificial candles and sacrificial lights, sanctuary oil and novena lights, baptism and wedding candles, communion and confirmation candles and Easter candles.

People and planet are the most precious things we’ve got. That’s why we pioneer with renewable wax from Europe. We also use natural extracts, a cotton wick, and are rethinking eco-friendly packaging.

– Frédéric Loos, Head of Category, Bolsius

Our commitment

Irresistible experience

With our strong heritage since 1870 and passion for home ambiance, we guarantee the highest quality. So you can enjoy a perfect flame and an excellent fragrance experience.

Social responsibility

Everything we do, we do with love for people and planet. That's why we produce our collections in Europe and minimise the usage of animal fat where we can.

Mission green

We work hard to make our company greener every day. We pioneer with plant-based wax from rapeseed and sunflower oil, use recyclable packaging and minimise the use of plastic, paper and waste when we develop new products.

Our history

Continuous innovation and constant attention to quality is the common thread that runs throughout the history of Bolsius. It was the Bolsius brothers who laid the foundations of the current company in 1870 when they first processed beeswax into candles in the traditional way.