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it's a conscious choice


it's a pause button


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it's an ambiance booster

More ambiance - less waste

Enjoy an extraordinary fragrance experience with CleanLight refill candles. More ambiance and less waste. Refill again and again. Made with natural vegan wax, and palm oil free.

Stimulate your senses

What you see is what you smell! Experience the iconic and singular fragrances of the True Scents collection. From floral and musky magnolia, to juicy, mouth watering pomegranate. These fragrances will help you to bring nature into your home in the purest way.

Shop the look

We've curated a special selection of shoppable looks to inspire your mind, stimulate your senses, and make it easy for you to create your very own personal space. That special Bolsius feeling is just a click away!

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Bolsius has been lighting the way since 1870, and we strongly believe that it is our responsibility to keep our world a liveable, healthy, and safe place for future generations.

– Vincent Kristen, COO

Our commitment

Irresistible experience

With our strong heritage since 1870 and passion for home ambiance, we guarantee the highest quality. So you can enjoy a perfect flame and an excellent fragrance experience.

Social responsibility

Everything we do, we do with love for people and the planet. That's why we produce our collections in Europe and minimise the usage of animal fat where we can.

Mission green

We work hard to make our company greener every day. We pioneer with plant-based wax from rapeseed and sunflower oil, use recyclable packaging and minimise the use of plastic, paper and waste when we develop new products.

We are a certified B Corp

As a B Corp, we're part of a global community of businesses that meet high standards of social and environmental impact. Organizations that use their business as a force of good. It marks the beginning of our journey towards continuous improvement and collective action.

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Explore our scents

Stimulate your senses with pure scents and irresistible blends, inspired by nature and made with natural extracts.

Candle care

Safety is paramount! Enjoy candlelight without any worries and make sure you have them on a sturdy coaster, in a holder, or on a plateau away from curious hands. Another tip: do not place them near a heat source, or in the sun, and make sure that they are always at least 10 centimetres apart. This will guarantee you the best burn results.