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Fashion your own unique style and add that extra touch to your house with Bolsius candles and fragrance products. Find ideas and tips to transform your place into an oasis of warmth, cosiness and personality. It's not just a candle... it's that finishing touch!

Find your zen

There’s nothing more inviting than a beautifully scented and calmly lit bathroom to help you relax. Manifest positive vibes in a soft, warm and cosy environment, whilst you relax and soak away the mental and physical stresses of your day.

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We've curated a special selection of shoppable looks to inspire your mind, stimulate your senses, and make it easy for you to create your very own personal space. That special Bolsius feeling is just a click away!

5 ideas to make your home extra nice

Do you want to decorate your home with beautiful candle combinations but you have no idea where to start? Read our tips and let your creativity run wild!

1. Colour is key

Logically, you go for candles that match the colour scheme of your interior. Bridge colours such as ivory, light grey or beige are always a safe choice for a set. Ton-sur-ton combinations provide an elegant look, while contrasting colours add liveliness. Adding a poppy colour like purple or ocher yellow can really spice up a colour set. Give it a try!

2. Layer it up

Create depth and texture by placing (scented) candles at different heights and places, such as on a raised platform. A layered effect gives a luxurious look.

3. Mix and match

You can also mix and match with heights and sizes in the candles themselves, so that you can add an extra dimension to your arrangement. For example, mix table candles with tea lights and dinner candles for a playful effect, or combine them with cosy fragrance sticks.

4. (A)symmetry

Symmetry creates a sense of balance and elegance, while asymmetry has an informal, playful look. Fun to experiment with!

5. Accessorise it up

Use candle holders, trays, trays, mirrors or other decorative elements to complement and visually enhance your set.

Candle care

Safety is paramount! Enjoy candlelight without any worries and make sure you have them on a sturdy coaster, in a holder, or on a plateau away from curious hands. Another tip: do not place them near a heat source, or in the sun, and make sure that they are always at least 10 centimetres apart. This will guarantee you the best burn results.