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Bolsius True Joy Sunny Edition - reed diffuser - Spring Blossom - 80ml

Discover the Bolsius True Joy Sunny Edition reed diffusers and be surprised by Spring Blossom: a sparkling, energetic blend of juicy ripe pear, spring blossoms in bloom and a fresh touch of mint. Bring the sunny scent of spring into your home!

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  • With natural extracts
  • Non-alcohol based formula
  • Irresistible fragrance experience

The composition contains no alcohol and is developed from natural extracts. The subtle scent spreads gradually through the room, lingering for up to 10 weeks. Enjoy a pure and intense fragrance experience at home.


Bolsius uses natural extracts and only the best materials. The composition contains no alcohol. The scent spreads gradually through the room, lingering for up to ten weeks. Enjoy the very best fragrance experience in your home.

Since 1870, Bolsius has been making quality products to create cosiness and a warm ambience in your home. We do this with passion, skilled craftsmanship and a love for people and planet. Bolsius inspires, connects and warms people with the magic of candlelight and fragrances that tickle the senses. It's how you can make every moment a special one. For yourself and for everyone around you.

Place the product in a place where the fragrance can spread well, but not next to or on any sources of heat. Make sure you have a firm surface to prevent the product from falling over and keep it out of children's reach. You don't need to turn the sticks over. Did you know that your nose can get used to a certain fragrance and that you can no longer smell it yourself over time? It's therefore a good idea to switch fragrances regularly in your home so that you can continue to enjoy them at their best.

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